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Eggplants Dungan

Eggplants Dungan

Very tasty dish, can be served as hot and cold dish. My family love this salad

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Ingredients for Eggplants Dungan

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Eggplants Dungan

Step 1

Clean the eggplant from the skin and coarsely chop.
the eggplant salt and water to soak.

Step 2

Fry small amounts in VERY hot oil,

Step 3

thus fry all eggplant slices until Golden brown

Step 4

I take this vinegar - pour a little into a separate Cup of vinegar, about half a Cup, dilute with water (a little less than half a Cup), add salt,
all stir and pour the eggplant, it is desirable that the sauce is closed at least half of level eggplant.

Step 5

Tomatoes cut in slices not very thin, finely chopping herbs (I take the dill, green onion, cilantro), add the finely chopped garlic; mix all ingredients with the eggplant and leave to eggplant soaked in vinegar.