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Vegetable appetizer "Bird market"

Vegetable appetizer

For the contest "Vegetable traffic light".

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Ingredients for Vegetable appetizer "Bird market"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Vegetable appetizer "Bird market"

Step 1

Zucchini (2.5 PCs.) wash, cut transversely into several pieces (depending on size of zucchini), take out the middle flesh so that left the bottom.

Step 2

Shred zucchini (interior), onion, sweet pepper and tomato.

Step 3

Fry all in vegetable oil.

Step 4

"Cups" from zucchini grease the inside with butter and a little add salt and bake it in the oven to bake at temperature of 180 gr. 20-25 minutes. The remaining half of the zucchini cut into slices,

Step 5

dip them in a beaten egg, then in flour and fry.

Step 6

The roasted vegetables add finely chopped garlic, greens,

Step 7

mayonnaise and dried herbs, stir. The filling for the zucchini ready.

Step 8

Stuffing, stuffed vegetables "squash" cups,

Step 9

set them on lettuce leaves and cover with fried zucchini circles.

Step 10

Tomatoes and cucumbers are doing the body of the birds.

Step 11

Cucumber make legs and wings (birds of cucumber - legs -tomato, wings - sweet pepper).

Step 12

Step 13

From olives (pitted) do head, carrot - beak, from corn - eyes. Stick the head on a toothpick and insert in the torso. Under its body laid wings and legs ("leg" is made from the stem of parsley). Complete the composition with the placement of the birds on the plate, and the company added two penguins made from eggplants.

Step 14

Here everything is ready and the bird market Salomone!

Step 15

I wish All to enjoy a tasty snack!