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Almond blancmange (Blanc-mange aux Amandes)

Almond blancmange (Blanc-mange aux Amandes)

Did you ever touch the clouds? and taste? offer... :-)

Cooking time- Number of servings6

Ingredients for Almond blancmange (Blanc-mange aux Amandes)

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Almond blancmange (Blanc-mange aux Amandes)

Step 1

Almonds to grind, gradually adding 100g of water, then 100g of milk. I was crushed with a blender, mortar. Then combine the almond component with sugar (250g) and heat. To boil not to bring.

Step 2

Strain almond milk through the cloth (not through the gauze and through the fabric). Squeeze well. Leave to cool.

Step 3

To prepare the gelatin. Mix it with 200g of water, wait as required gelatin (I was 10 min). To heat, remove the film and foam. Mix gelatin with almond milk. Put the cold (on ice or in cold water).

Step 4

Whisk the cream till soft peaks form.

Step 5

Mix the cream and gelatin almond milk, involving the cream in the milk. It is very important to do it at the right temperature the gelatin part. It is necessary that it is not cooled greatly, to avoid lumps (if cold - can be heated),and hot cannot be connected with cream - must be sufficiently cooled. Milk should be slightly warm.