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Decoration for cake Gvozdika

Decoration for cake Gvozdika

The impetus for the creation of this jewelry was roses Svetlana Lana66, which she decorated cake "Charm". This cake I baked for his birthday, though he is not as beautiful as the Lights turned out, but delicious no doubt! And made an impression on my colleagues. One morning I woke up and rushed to the kitchen ("Frutella" was stockpiled in advance), in the head climbed all sorts of thoughts.... The result see below :-)

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Step-by-step instruction of cooking Decoration for cake Gvozdika

Step 1

One candy melt for 10-15 seconds in the microwave, roll out a small piece.

Step 2

Cut the pancake into 8 pieces.

Step 3

From every part to do here is a petal. "Waste" is not discarded. They are still useful to us!

Step 4

From some distant part of SNiP, sculpt a small flapjack, which will strengthen all the petals.

Step 5

Connect. It turns out the petals 7 because the eighth is too crowded, and the eighth will come in handy for extra parts.

Step 6

The second candy to melt and roll out. But the share is now in 7 pieces. One of them will be like two in the eighth.

Step 7

Roll again from scraps flagellum and place in the center. It will attach a second row of petals.

Step 8

For the second row of petals to make them as well as for the first, but slightly bend them to make the flower volume. They should get 6.

Step 9

From the part which is two-eighths to make the core of the clove. Twist the bag, long tip to cut, attach to the center of the flower and pour it in all the small triangles that are left in the manufacture of petals.

Step 10

But I have it decorated, but that is another story! ;-)