Fried fish in Bombay

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Simple, fast, delicious. For lovers of fish and low calorie recipes. The singularity of the fish gives the batter in chickpea flour and not only... the Source of Iryna weinerman - Jazzedcook, thank you very much for snacks.

Ingredients for Fried fish in Bombay

Step by step instruction of cooking Fried fish in Bombay

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I had sole, cut

Шаг 2

as paste ginger-garlic I have, replaced the fresh ginger using a grater and a garlic - finely sliced

Шаг 3

dye (replaced by turmeric), red pepper and egg

Шаг 4

Add fish fillets and mix well.
Marinate fish fillets in this mixture, left overnight in the fridge.
Fried the next day. Oh, by the way, very convenient for unexpected guests.

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If there is no chickpea flour, you can make your own, cut the dry chickpeas in a processor, blender or coffee grinder.

Шаг 6

Heat oil in a frying pan. Fish fillet dipped in flour chickpea

Шаг 7

and fry in a pan until Golden brown.
Spread on paper towel and sprinkle chat masala is optional.

Шаг 8

Left the sauce under the fish, throw it away, no, of course, decided to make extra sauce for the fish. Still, there are so many spices... and the breading on the plate remained flour ~ 1 tsp

Шаг 9

Add the sauce flour, add water, turmeric and a little 1 tbsp raises.oil, pour into the pan, cook until it thickens.

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The Ira offers a side dish of fried sweet potato: tuber 3 medium sweet potatoes cut into 0.5-0.7 cm sticks and soak in water. Heat oil in a deep frying pan (to cover all the potatoes).
Remove potatoes from water and Pat dry with paper towel.
Fry until crisp, lay out on a dish and keep in warm oven while you practice and fish with salad, brown Colslaw.
Replaced in Fig.
Fish serve with lemon slices (optional) or pour on top a squeeze of lemon.