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Mini panettone

Mini panettone

Easier to say, fragrant muffins with raisins and candied fruit

Cooking time 45 minutes Number of servings20

Ingredients for Mini panettone

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Mini panettone

Step 1

Turn the oven on 180*C.
Mix the flour, orange flavor (you can take grated orange zest), anise and baking powder.
1 tbsp. of this mixture to add to izmelchenny the candied fruit and raisins, shake to flour evenly.
Melt the margarine/butter, add salt, sugar, vanilla sugar, curd and eggs. All mix well and pour into flour mixture.

Step 2

I got 20 cupcakes.
Immediately after baking grease the muffins with melted butter

Step 3

If you wish, you can even add in the dough toasted pine nuts.

Step 4

The cupcakes turn out sweet and fairly plump.

Help yourself!