Chocolate pancakes with fruit filling

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My previous recipe of the dessert was tasty and healthy. This is an attractive and amazing! And our Russian pancakes-this is the height of culinary art! Modify slightly, add the fruit and go to storm the contest "Sweet taste of summer"

Ingredients for Chocolate pancakes with fruit filling

Step by step instruction of cooking Chocolate pancakes with fruit filling

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Flour, starch, sugar and cocoa mix

Шаг 2

Add the eggs, milk and water, knead well the dough for pancakes.

Шаг 3

Cream cheese whipped with powdered sugar. The texture turns out very delicious, tastes like sweet cream cheese. More dust to pour is not recommended, since, in combination with chocolate pancakes, will be sickly. But it is - for my taste, my son said, what can be more sweeter to do!

Шаг 4

Each pancake grease cream cheese frosting. Orange and kiwi fruit finely chopped. Cherries cut in half. (Photo entirely, but then I cut, as, and more convenient, and more beautiful in finished form).
On the edge put the fruit, or not in sync, just a little bit

Шаг 5

or separately-cherry, orange, kiwi

Шаг 6

Tightly roll the crepes into rolls. That much I got

Шаг 7

Nicely cut and portioned to entertain friends and family!