Italian stracciatella

129 - 15 минут 4 порции

So easy and quick to prepare soup found on the same culinary page. Very tasty, I could not tear myself away, and smalls, among other things, too.

Ingredients for Italian stracciatella

Step by step instruction of cooking Italian stracciatella

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First, prepare a good chicken broth. I was not a very young pet chicken, cooked almost 2 hours and the broth was very rich and sturdy. You can, of course, to try and bouillon cubes to use. Thus, the molded Cup broth, and the rest set on fire. Parmesan RUB on a small grater (for the lack thereof, used ordinary cheese "Russian").

Шаг 2

The egg mixture in a thin stream pour in boiling broth and mix thoroughly. Bring to the boil and cook for 5 minutes.

Шаг 3

The soup is ready. Pour in bowls and sprinkle with fresh herbs. As mentioned in the recipe, "stracciatella" is Italian for "rags, tatters," and visually this soup and it reminds. Try, all should be like.