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Flower from a melon

Flower from a melon

Without any doubt I can say that this melon will become a decoration of any table! Nobody will remain indifferent! Practical application can be seen here - "Fruit story"

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Ingredients for Flower from a melon

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Flower from a melon

Step 1

The proposed middle of the flower and the knife (preferably Thai) cut a wide groove around the core.

Step 2

Using a small oval karbonatnogo knife formed by the upper side of the petals.

Step 3

Cut away part of the flesh in a circle under the petals of the first row, forming the bottom side of the petals of the first row and pad to clip the second row.

Step 4

Using carboloy knife medium size cut out the petals of the second row staggered under the petals of the first row.

Step 5

A triangular knife, make incisions under the petals of the second row and remove the pulp.

Step 6

Cut the flesh under the third row of petals and carbonie knives (large and small), remove the pulp in the form of a three-toed petal.

Step 7

Cut the flesh under the petals and a Thai knife cut triangular indentations.

Step 8

Cut the flesh under the last row of petals and clean around the skin.

Step 9

Karbovanet a knife, make a longitudinal cut, completing the composition.

Step 10

The flower is ready!

Step 11

I liked it!

Step 12

And you?