Apricot-orange jam

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It is very tasty and flavorful jam taught me how to cook my mother-in-law, a great lover of all apricot. Apricot season in full swing, so don't miss your chance to enjoy the.

Ingredients for Apricot-orange jam

Step by step instruction of cooking Apricot-orange jam

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Apricots use firm, slightly unripe. Wash, cut in half, seeds remove. Sprinkle them with sugar, shake and leave overnight.

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In the morning grind meat grinder orange (bones, if you have to remove) and add to the apricots. Sugar by this time almost has dissolved and formed a lot of syrup.

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Cook the jam in three divided doses for 5 minutes each time, bring to a boil over high heat, make the fire low and boil stirring. After the last provarivanija pour the hot jam in sterilized banks, roll, flip, wrap it up and so leave it to cool down. Three pounds of apricots, I got 8 half-liter jars of jam, plus a small bowl to sample.

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Jam well, very tasty, our Darya loves his fresh loaf to smear with lotion, I really like to use it as a filling in cakes grated. How much would we may acquire, and the spring in the basement no such jam jars will not find. I highly recommend it!