Salad of young cabbage with shrimp

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At first I doubted the taste of the salad - cabbage and shrimp... I Thought that the shrimp will get lost, but... the Result exceeded all expectations! The salad turned out well, very tender, delicious. Dressing - non, flavored. In General, turned out GREAT!!! The recipe is from the magazine "School of Gastronome".

Ingredients for Salad of young cabbage with shrimp

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad of young cabbage with shrimp

Шаг 1

Cabbage, apples and cucumbers, wash, dry.
Cabbage finely chopped.
Apples are cleaned, cut serdtsevinu, grate on a coarse grater.
Cucumbers cut into thin strips.
Connect in a bowl the cabbage, shrimp, apples and cucumbers.

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Prepare the filling: from lemon to remove the zest, squeeze juice. Yogurt whipped with lemon juice, curry powder and a pinch of salt. Add the lemon zest.