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Jelly raspberry

Jelly raspberry

Very good jelly made of raspberries!

Cooking time 15 minutes Number of servings2

Ingredients for Jelly raspberry

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Jelly raspberry

Step 1

Raspberries RUB through a sieve. The result is juice and pulp. Juice should not pour into a metal bowl!

Step 2

To the pulp add 1.5 cups of water and sugar. Bring to a boil. If you want jelly with no bones, then strain the broth.
I decided to drink.: -)

Step 3

In half Cup cold water, stir to dissolve the starch.

Step 4

Add the starch in a crimson broth, stir. Bring to a boil. Off.

Step 5

Add juice, stir.

Step 6

Refrigerate and enjoy this delicious and healthy drink!
A jelly is obtained with a very rich taste, sour-sweet.
If you like a thick jelly, put a little more starch.