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We had a rest in Abkhazia, and of course, visited many different cafes. The menu is always different, but this dish was present in each. After tasting, I realized that to make it very easy and simple, but just in case decided to ask how it is prepared. It turned out that there are a few features to prepare. The dish is prepared many peoples of the Caucasus, but in Abkhazia were preparing that way. Now share with You. On the search website not found, maybe bad looking!

Ingredients for ESA

Step by step instruction of cooking ESA

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In a bowl (a bowl, a saucepan... in a deep container) pour the cold water and dissolve in it some salt. Dip in the water, pita bread, literally for 2 seconds (if overexposed, lavash breaks).

Шаг 2

In a pan melt the butter, fry in it the pita bread on both sides. Flip carefully so as not broken.

Шаг 3

Turned, and almost immediately the egg and sprinkle with cheese.

Шаг 4

Turn, bending the edges of the pita bread so that the egg does not leak (well, trying at least). Ideally, you need to roll a triangle, but I have yet to receive it. Triangle fry for 3 minutes, turning occasionally.

Шаг 5

Spread on a plate, decorate with greens and serve it hot!