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Liqueur cherry

Liqueur cherry

Offer a recipe liqueurs we have this year, a lot of cherries, that's what I did with it. This recipe is suitable for all berries and even fruits. Well, let's try?!

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Ingredients for Liqueur cherry

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Liqueur cherry

Step 1

Cherries wash and remove seeds, put in jar (here somewhere)

Step 2

Pour vodka and put in a warm dark place for 3 weeks. In the photo, the cherry is already two weeks-berries finished and stood up.
After three weeks, strain the berries covered with sugar and leave in the sun for two weeks, stirring occasionally to dissolve sugar.
Then connect both the liquid and bottle it to use, but it is better to steep - the longer kept the better.
Berries can be used for filling cakes and pastries - they are delicious.