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Queen of the sea

Queen of the sea

Name coined as always with rhyme or reason, and the salad - impromptu as usual. In the opinion of the family - a very tasty appetizer. What is it - salad or snack - don't know you will know better, each defines for himself!

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Ingredients for Queen of the sea

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Queen of the sea

Step 1

Carrots and garlic RUB on a small grater

Step 2

Shrimp boil, peel, add to the carrots with garlic

Step 3

Eggs cut into cubes, add to bowl, season with salt and season the salad with mayonnaise

Step 4

Welcome to the table! Spicy, delicious! I think shrimp is worthy to bear the title of Queens of the sea. Optionally garnish with parsley, but it was not until decorations, prepared in the morning. All a pleasant appetite!