Home lunch

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A lunch at my house does not miss anybody. Even the Pope can take a lunch break, on this occasion)))))) I apologize in Advance from apprentice named Li-Li-I, as it is a recipe for pancakes made from matzo, but I put a slightly different idea, one that loves all my family.

Ingredients for Home lunch

Step by step instruction of cooking Home lunch

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My lunch consists of soup and a grandmother with matzo. Chicken take home, but it will give an amazing taste and Golden color to the broth.Carve the bird. Put in a pot fill with water put whole onion, and cook on low heat.

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meanwhile, prepare the grandmother today I decided to cook it with matzah although sometimes cooking with vermicelli. Crumble matzo into small pieces

Шаг 3

pour some water in the ideal milk

Шаг 4

when the matzo has absorbed the right amount of water atteriwem her.

Шаг 5

add eggs, sprinkle with salt and pepper

Шаг 6

in the pan pour sunflower oil and spread our weight

Шаг 7

cover with a lid and fry, then turn over.When the grandmother dogadivaetsya, you can add a little butter to the pan then the taste will only become better.

Шаг 8

well, grandma ready cut into pieces

Шаг 9

our flavorful broth is also ready to start dinner)

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