Rolls with nuts

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Another recipe for tea cakes from my favorite sweet dough on the baking soda and sour cream. These rolls turn out very tasty.

Ingredients for Rolls with nuts

Step by step instruction of cooking Rolls with nuts

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The oven to turn on at 190 degrees, baking tray lay a buttered paper.
Nuts crush with a rolling pin, mix in a bowl with the sugar, add the butter and RUB with your hands until smooth (to get a nut-butter chips).
Mix the egg, sour cream, sugar, salt and vanilla, stir until the sugar has dissolved, then add the softened margarine or butter, mix everything until smooth, then add the sifted flour with soda and fast for 20-30 seconds knead the dough adding, if necessary, more flour.
Dough divided into 2 parts, roll out the layer, spread evenly half of the filling,

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Collapse is not tight in the roll, slightly flatten and cut diagonally into pieces of a width not less than 5 cm to do the same with second half of dough and remaining filling. To lay rolls at a distance from each other on a baking sheet, if desired, coat with the egg, to do in the middle of each rolls one puncture with a toothpick.
Bake for 15-20 minutes, the readiness check with a wooden toothpick. Cool slightly and sprinkle with powdered sugar through a strainer.