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Honey cake with currants

Honey cake with currants

Honey yeast cakes soaked in almond syrup with creamy smorodinovoe filling. Taste the filling turned out like vanilla ice cream by adding pudding, and cakes can be eaten separately with the cream and soak them. Help yourself.

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Ingredients for Honey cake with currants

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Honey cake with currants

Step 1

Prepare the dough: dissolve in 125 ml of warm milk yeast.

Step 2

Add eggs, 90 g sugar,

Step 3

120 g of melted butter, flour and knead the dough.

Step 4

Put in a warm place to raise, then make alminco and roll out into the reservoir.

Step 5

The dough transferred to the baking tray and leave for 20 minutes and meanwhile, prepare the syrup.

Step 6

150 g of butter heated with 200 g of sugar, add 3 tbsp. of cream and 150 g of honey, mix,

Step 7

Add the chopped almonds and stir to avoid lumps.

Step 8

Here she is in finished form.

Step 9

So I applied, I have, of course, oven-izdevatelstva, it gives me only ugly cakes, not straight, so I have all the bump.

Step 10

While the cake cools, prepare the cream.

Step 11

Pudding mixed with 500 ml milk 120 g sugar, mix well.

Step 12

Soak gelatine.

Step 13

Whip the cream with the fixer

Step 14


Step 15

Now pudding mass, add melted gelatin, cream and black currants, mix well.

Step 16

Now we have the cake cut into strips, I cut it in half.