"Cheesecake vegetable"

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"Cheesecake vegetable" - crisis dish. It can be prepared from the remaining mashed potatoes and braised cabbage.... Here is my version for the contest "Vegetable traffic light".

Ingredients for "Cheesecake vegetable"

Step by step instruction of cooking "Cheesecake vegetable"

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boil until cooked potatoes

Шаг 3

skip the potatoes through a meat grinder, add eggs, add salt, mix thoroughly

Шаг 4

cabbage cut into strips

Шаг 5

- cabbage salt, and simmer on low heat in butter for about 20 minutes

Шаг 6

- ready cabbage slightly cool

Шаг 7

- tomatoes cut into cubes

Шаг 8

- chop the bell pepper, fry in butter with tomatoes, salt

Шаг 9

- potatoes, using flour to form a "bun", put on the foil (the foil pour sunflower oil, evenly distributed across the surface), place the filling (cabbage + pepper with tomatoes),
bake in a preheated 250*oven for 25 minutes

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Crisis cheesecake is ready!