Barbecue "Red cap"

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As a summer barbecue do quite often, it is natural already got a favorite marinade... but this time using the new... so for the experiment... had to change priorities because the marinade was just amazed... for the second time, repeat for an encore... tender meat... fine taste... light and unobtrusive herbal note... a perfect "tan" barbecue provided... For me it is the best marinade that I know of... and we tried them looooooll)))

Ingredients for Barbecue "Red cap"

Step by step instruction of cooking Barbecue "Red cap"

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The day before cooking...
defrost chicken, cut into small slices.
Mix all the marinade ingredients (the amount of spices to taste). Combine the marinade and the fillet, mix thoroughly. close the container lid and put into the fridge... forget tomorrow.

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And finally, can be trusted with a tray of kebab beloved man... skewers in the hands of a woman loses its appeal)))
Prepare barbecue... until Golden brown.