Mini kebabs with apricot

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Small pork skewers, fried with apricots - a good starter when you feed something people need, but I suspect that in this heat no one in particular is not intended. The table is decorated bellies please!!!

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Ingredients for Mini kebabs with apricot

Step by step instruction of cooking Mini kebabs with apricot

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1. Finely chop the meat,

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pickle it with a small onion, spices, salt, mineral water and lemon juice in the cold for about an hour. The idea with mineral water for the marinade thank you Ana(Bright).

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2. Take the meat, mixed with onion and apricot halves.

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3. In hot oil under the lid fry the kebabs until Browning.
Sweet apricot juice makes the kebabs are sooo tender and delicious, get started with them!