Baked bread with cheese and garlic

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Prescription Oli from the forum SAY-7. Try it, it's very tasty - crispy bread, soaked in butter, cheese and garlic flavor (girls, I can "search" don't know how to use, searched but couldn't find one, if you can find it, I will remove the recipe, thanks for understanding).

Ingredients for Baked bread with cheese and garlic

Step by step instruction of cooking Baked bread with cheese and garlic

Шаг 1

Grate cheese on a grater,
squeeze the garlic,
add the soft butter and finely chopped herbs,
mix well.
The oven heated to 200*C.
In the baton to make cuts obliquely slotting not to late, to fill them well with cheese filling.

Шаг 2

Wrap loaf in foil, place in oven for 20 minutes.
Then open foil and leave for another 5 minutes, until the bread is lightly browned, you can under the grill.
And all the delicious snack is ready!