Puff casserole in the oven

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This is the most favorite dish of my husband, he is ready to eat it hot and cold at any time of the day or night!!!!! Simple to prepare and very tasty. I hope you enjoy it!!!!!!!

Ingredients for Puff casserole in the oven

Step by step instruction of cooking Puff casserole in the oven

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I marinated the pork for a couple of hours: the salt, the pepper and poured mineral water "with gas". But you can immediately start cooking.
Fry the meat

Шаг 2

Grind mushrooms

Шаг 3

potatoes cut into slices

Шаг 4

Advance knowing that serving me will not be enough, I used two forms :)
Form of grease with butter and place a layer of meat

Шаг 5

Sprinkle with spices

Шаг 6

Layer mushrooms

Шаг 7

Lightly grease with mayonnaise

Шаг 8

Spread the potatoes and sprinkle with spices to potatoes, salt and white pepper

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Шаг 10

Cover with foil and put in a well preheated oven on average fire

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