Chocolate cupcakes

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Chocolate cupcakes . I made them of white and dark chocolate. Prepared very simply and quickly . Recipe for those who do not like to mess with the test )) Incredibly tasty. Not dry , not stale. So cook them immediately in a large quantity.. once cook and the recipe will remain in your head)))will not have to go into their records to recover the recipe. So it's simple

Ingredients for Chocolate cupcakes

Step by step instruction of cooking Chocolate cupcakes

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Eggs RUB with sugar

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Add flour

Шаг 4

Half of the resulting dough mixed with dark chocolate

Шаг 5

The other half with white.The dough turns viscous, not thick

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Prepare molds.if necessary, lubricate them with melted butter. Fill alternating a spoonful of the white dough .spoon the dark.(Fill to 2/3)

Шаг 7

One circular motion to mix the dough. And send in a preheated 200 gr oven for 25 minutes

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Ready you Can pour the melted butter chocolate

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Here they are in context

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Bon appetit!