Grilled pineapple

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Yielding to the entreaties, describe the method of preparation of pineapple. For all watching weight.. dessert Recipe from Claudia Schiffer, mother of 2 children. Already she was 40, and the weight of 58 kg at growth of 182 sm! So not jealous, and take an example!

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Here he is our handsome! Since I was making only one serving, I do like the crest a joke about jelly - for Tiffany cut 2 washers. :-D

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Cleared from the hard rind. Then you just need washers to roast on the grill until Golden brown.

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When roasting on the grill the natural sugar of the pineapple become caramelizing.
You can eat just like that or watering juice of any citrus. I used grammotoy juice.

Well, if you are on a diet ; -) this dessert goes well with vanilla ice cream. :-D
Serdtsevinka cut, in the center of the ring to put a scoop of ice cream.
Bon appetit!