Baked carp with mushrooms

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Found an interesting recipe on the website of the bread, looked into the fridge, took the fish and went to "boiling" work. Immediately apologize for the pictures, not the best quality.

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Ingredients for Baked carp with mushrooms

Step by step instruction of cooking Baked carp with mushrooms

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Lightly fry in sunflower oil onion (3 pieces),add the mushrooms, add salt and continue roasting joint to the General softening and plasticity. Not roast to the point! If desired, add sour cream.

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The bottom of the pan tightly vystelim chives. Sprinkle with salt.
Put long for salty fish. All the free spaces filled with vegetable stuffing, you can "slide" - the stuffing will shrink. Excess stuffing can be mixed with sour cream (mayonnaise) and spread across the surface of the dish.

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Sprinkle with spices,herbs.
Hard cheese three on a large grater and cover on top of the fish with filling.

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The fish is ready to bake. In the oven it!
Oven preheated to 250 – 270 degrees.
Stand a fish at this temperature to the boiling dish. Then gently reset the oven temperature to 220 -230 gr.