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Ricotta cheese (Ricotta Cheese) is similar to cottage cheese, but smoother, and not at all sour, rather insipid; it refers to fresh cheese (Fresh Cheese). Ricotta is a cheese in Italian, and refers to "digested" ("re-cooked"). At home is very simple to cook it. Let's get started!!!

Ingredients for Ricotta

Step by step instruction of cooking Ricotta

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To the milk add the yogurt, sugar and salt, stir, put on stove and heat on low heat until the edges begin to receive cereal.

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As soon as there was cereal, milk start to curl, turn off the fire, pour lemon juice on top, do not stir. Cover with a towel and leave for exactly one hour. Within hours, the serum separated well.

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Now mass recline in a cheesecloth and allow the liquid to drain. No press! After an hour, the ricotta is ready. If you stand longer, it will become dry. It was so unnecessary.

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A very soft cheese turns out! You can use it for cooking all desserts!

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Help yourself!