Kabob "Rohat"

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This dish of Tajik cuisine is very tasty, but with my addition to the recipe. Just stayed beet greens, so used it.

Ingredients for Kabob "Rohat"

Step by step instruction of cooking Kabob "Rohat"

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In the mince add 2 onions, chopped
together with greens in a blender.
Add salt, pepper and mix well.
From stuffing to form a kabob in the form of sausages,
to breaded them in flour and fry until soft.

The remaining part of onions cut into rings
and fry, too, until soft. The bottom of the pan lay chopped
beetroot leaves(sprinkle them with a little vinegar). After that
to lay cobby in the pan

On top of them fried onions.
And simmer for 8-10 minutes. When submitting sprinkle the dish
finely chopped green onions, greens and beans
Bon appetit!