Chocolate cheesecake Coconut

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A delicious cake (and the taste and the cake pulls!) with chocolate dough, delicate cottage cheese and coconut filling and crunchy, also coconut and the top layer. Cooking is easy, and the result is sure to please!

Ingredients for Chocolate cheesecake Coconut

Step by step instruction of cooking Chocolate cheesecake Coconut

Шаг 1

For the test 100 g butter, 1 Cup flour, 0.5 Cup granulated sugar, 2 tbsp cocoa and 0.5 tsp soda (repaid) grind into crumbs, add a pinch of salt.

Шаг 2

Add to the crumbs 1 egg, 1 tbsp sour cream heaped, 1 tbsp vegetable oil. It turns out dense, but quite soft dough

Шаг 3

Place it in a greased form

Шаг 4

Make filling. Mix cottage cheese, remaining sour cream, starch, 2 eggs, 3 tbsp sugar and 4 tbsp of coconut. Turns out tender mass, pour it over the dough

Шаг 5

Finally, for the top layer mix remaining oil, sugar, coconut and flour. Sometimes it chips, sometimes more dense the mass, I suspect that it depends on the quality of the oil

Шаг 6

Well, finally, distribute this upper layer the cottage cheese filling.

Шаг 7

And put it into the preheated oven (180 deg.) 1 hour or more, generally, much depends on the oven.
All put together this pie. Bon appetit!