Skewers of vegetables with chicken

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Such a crisis dinner option. This is when you want to feed your household tasty, the meat in stock - butt, and vegetables. But just vegetables is not very pleasing to men. And if so to try? Pretty good!!!

Ingredients for Skewers of vegetables with chicken

Step by step instruction of cooking Skewers of vegetables with chicken

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Cooking is very simple: all available vegetables are cut, sliced and diced, so it was strung on Emporiki.
Chicken cut into cubes. If desired, sprinkle the meat with lemon juice and mix with seasonings for marinating, it stand while you chop vegetables. I have the marinating time was not - the family was eager to get dinner:-).

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In a hot pan with salt warm the oil and spread carefully strung on skewers pieces of meat and vegetables. Under the hood this thing is fried quite quickly, the oil is not trying to jump out of the frying pan, which is handy :-) .

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Further - a trick. The skewers should be put on dish with paper towel or napkins to soak up excess fat. Beautifully cut vegetables and fruit, pour drinks -