The seaweed salad "High technology"

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The seaweed salad is very popular in Russia, especially the Urals. As you know, it includes 3 main ingredients: seaweed, onion and egg. Here is the highlight in the technology of cooking eggs - "air omelet in the microwave". The trick is that the eggs, beat, then they are not satisfied with the hullabaloo in the microwave. This 2 to 3 times faster than cooking eggs!!! No need to wait for the water to boil, boil, wait until the eggs are cool, peel them. Quickly cooked and sliced! Use this technology for many dishes with egg.

Ingredients for The seaweed salad "High technology"

Step by step instruction of cooking The seaweed salad "High technology"

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So here it is our high-tech:
4 eggs, beat with a fork and bake it in the microwave in a high bowl, for 1-2 minutes.
Severely beat is not necessary, just to break the shell egg yolks and mix the yolks with proteins.
Readiness check visually, must rise up lush for some scrambled eggs.

ATTENTION! Remember that whole eggs explode in the microwave, as well as the whole nephrocyte yolks!
Use this proven technology - mix the egg yolks with proteins and everything will be fine.

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Meanwhile, finely chop the onion, mix with seaweed and mayonnaise.
You can use other sauces for the filling, I have here cream 20%.

Salt this salad is usually not necessary - canned seaweed has a salty taste,
and especially do not need to add salt if you added a salad mayonnaise.

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Eggs chop and add to the salad.
Mix everything and enjoy the technology!