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Appetizer "Sultana"


A platter of vegetables, easy to prepare, will be on Your menu all year round, because it is possible to preserve. Based snacks ", Sultane" in the winter I cook "Moussaka". To do this, fry the minced meat and add it to the appetizer "Sultana". The recipe for the contest "Vegetable traffic light"

Cooking time 90 minutes Number of servings8

Ingredients for Appetizer "Sultana"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Appetizer "Sultana"

Step 1

Step 2

- baklajani cut,sprinkled with salt,after 20 min rinse eggplant with water

Step 3

pepper clear from the seeds cut into several pieces (pepper recommend to clean medical gloves)

Step 4

tomatoes cut into 4 pieces, slightly flatten with your hands , to squeeze the juice

Step 5

- onions cut into half rings

Step 6

- finely chop herbs and garlic

Step 7

- in an aluminum container to pour sunflower oil , to fry the onions

Step 8

- add the tomatoes, stir and stew for 10 minutes

Step 9

- add the eggplant, stir and stew for 10 minutes
- add bell pepper,stir,stew 10 minutes

Step 10

- add the hot peppers , herbs, garlic

Step 11

- add salt, sugar, simmer over low heat for 30 minutes , until tender pepper

Step 12

- for the preparation of canned you will need: tomatoes-3 kg., onion-2 kg eggplant-2 kg pepper-2 kg,sunflower oil -3стакана,garlic-200g.,sugar-2st.l,Sol-2.l,hot pepper - 2pcs.,green 2пучка
- dry banks to lay out a snack (hot pepper to the banks not to put),close the lid,"to wrap up" 24 hours,if the room is very warm, 10days to stand in the refrigerator.
- exit 9 cans 950G.
- for the "Moussaka" 1kg. minced meat coarse polarity until tender,add 2 cans of snacks,bring to boil,simmer 10 minutes on low heat
A winter version of "Moussaka"-ready!

Step 13

- The food is ready!