Yams boiled

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Yams (Dioscorea spp. ) is a creeping tropical plant, the vine, the tubers of which, having an enormous energy value, rich in vitamins and mineral salts and are widely used in food in many countries along with the potatoes. Yams - not sweet potatoes, though something similar to it in taste. Portuguese "inhame" taken from the language of the African peoples "yamyam" what it means is. There is a Russian word yum-yum, of course of direct relevance to this very interesting plant. The tubers of Yam is poisonous substances contained in raw tubers, causing irritation of skin and mucous membranes. The poison is destroyed by heating, so before use or before further cooking of any dishes of yams must be pre-boiled. If someone is interested in the process of preparation and cooking of yams, as they say, welcome!

Ingredients for Yams boiled

Step by step instruction of cooking Yams boiled

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Here are the tubers of yams. It is best to choose tubers of the same size, then they all cooked at the same time. The cooking process is very simple, same as the boiling of potatoes, but there are some differences.
Just want to warn you that working with the yams better with gloves, otherwise your hands will be red and will zadnici.

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First the tubers must be well washed with a brush to remove the surface of rough scales.
Then the container is boiling put the fruits and pour water with salt added in the amount as for cooking potatoes. Can add salt after cooking, especially if we use it for cooking any meals.

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Yams cooked much longer than potatoes to reduce the cooking process, you can use a pressure cooker.
The willingness of yams is determined by using a knife, carefully pierce the tuber, it should be soft. It is important not to overcook the yams, otherwise it will become slimy and overly soft.

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Cooked fruits can be eaten pre-cleaned, or after cooking yams can be fried, roasted, or mashed into a puree tubers are used to prepare desserts.

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Brush the yams need directly before use, otherwise the flesh turns blue (due to high iron content). Therefore, to store boiled yams better in the skin.

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To taste the Yam resembles an ordinary potato, but much more delicate taste and slightly sweet.
I loved the fried Yam and scrambled eggs with it. After cooking cleaned the tubers and fried them in vegetable oil until Golden brown.
So, if any of you will see in the sale of these scaly tubers, try it! Because of the beautiful shape of the leaves of the yams it is often grown in the home as ornamental plant. But, with a large variety of species of plants, not all of them are used for culinary purposes.