Appetizer in Italian: zucchini Flowers in batter

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And it is a national Italian dish to cook is easy if zucchini flowers for you no problem! For me, this year the zucchini problem: the zucchini and the rod, like mushrooms after the rain, the husband sniffs with suspicion every dish, uttering the mantra:"not zucchini!"

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Ingredients for Appetizer in Italian: zucchini Flowers in batter

Step by step instruction of cooking Appetizer in Italian: zucchini Flowers in batter

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Show off with the recipes as I can (it got to the point that the flowers cut off, so that the zucchini do not multiply, as after radiation!), he, on the day of birth, only 2 (in words: two!) dishes of zucchini cooked (one of the colors I specify!), so he was so pleased that I went as a cat around the plate and compete on the bone. Good both cold and hot appetizer - edible and that, and another, my favorite: still hot...

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Prepare the filling: cheese (pardon me for hulyuganstvo verbal!) grind, grate Parmesan, and mash Gorgonzola... Mlodzinski zucchini grated. Black peppercorns coarsely grind. Do NOT add Salt! - CHEESE - sorry!- ALREADY SALT... All mix, adding soy flour.

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Prepare the batter: "Elementary, my dear Watson!", eggs slightly beaten, mix with the cream, adding the flour and almonds, season, and dilute mineral water with gas until the status of thick cream.
Prepare the sauce: sour cream (or... well, you know...) mixed with garlic, herbs...

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Flowers stuffing: take the flower in left hand (Lefty in the right) if it is closed, the force disclosed... and in the middle put 1-2 teaspoons of the filling. The tips of the petals slightly twisted, got like "Winnie the Pooh" - the pictures will be seen! By the way, stuff you can eve - I the night was kept in the refrigerator.

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The roasting process: a neutral vegetable oil is heated to a boil, in it fry till Golden brown florets, then spread on paper polotenechko to absorb fat. Serve with a sauce - but each on his plate...
# Try - interesting and delicious!

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