Almond cake with gooseberry

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I want to offer you to try amazing cake. The basic recipe was taken from the magazine, but I suddenly found that I do not have half of the products, and my hands stretched themselves and took out of the fridge all that long ago lay down and waited their turn and wait, I will tell you that cake is just fabulous with the lemon spray, layered with gooseberry and all it's wonderful combined with almonds, and of course with a drop of my imagination.

Ingredients for Almond cake with gooseberry

Step by step instruction of cooking Almond cake with gooseberry

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Prepare the dough: beat eggs with sugar (if to someone will seem a little, you can add, but enough for me, and so), add fermented baked milk (sour milk, yogurt), soda, mix and gradually the flour, the dough will be very thick, spread it on a greased form and bake until ready.

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The dough will rise in volume about 3 times, cool it, and cut into cakes (I got 2 good and 1 not).
Soak the bottom layer with lemon juice and oil sweetened condensed milk (a lot)

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Next, place a layer of gooseberries, which I pre-whipped into a puree in a blender (I will say that 300 g is very small, because prescription have to miss all the cakes, and I had only one, so better to take 1 kg)
here is my

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plumped and missed

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next, sprinkle chopped almonds (I did not go into too much detail, and slightly milled)

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Now the recipe we need the following cake grease condensed milk, but in lack of such, I take and smeared with yoghurt and sprinkle with almonds (it is desirable also to coat the gooseberries)

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And the top of the next layer it is necessary to lubricate the condensed milk, but since I have it deformed, I cut him into pieces and mixed with sour cream and put on the cake, lightly stamped, sprinkled with almonds and decorated with raspberries.