Jellied vegetables "White Swan"

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I'm not the first, already rolling snacks on the site a lot. But I do focus on making the meals. The struggle in the competition, many continues but this dish I finished the race for the victory. All well done, a worthy winner. Let this jelly is a gift to all who participated in the contest. The appetizer contest "Vegetable traffic light"

Ingredients for Jellied vegetables "White Swan"

Step by step instruction of cooking Jellied vegetables "White Swan"

Шаг 1

Prepare the products.Boil vegetables,drain ,(when cooking vegetables, I add the vegetables for better taste ).Gelatin soak for 30-40 minutes .

Шаг 2

Swollen gelatin dilute the vegetable stock.And pour our vegetables.Allow to harden .

Шаг 3

Make paint .Food coloring bred as it is written, not the packaging,but it is better to use vegetable juice ,green spinach,yellow carrots,red beets .Add dye to the milk to obtain the desired color.Bred gelatin in 50% of the fluid .And enter in our paint 1:1 .

Шаг 4

Now on vegetable aspic,pour the white layer of milk jelly .This is our canvas.Allow to harden .

Шаг 5

Do paper border color field .And pour the colored milk paint .Allow to harden .

Шаг 6

And now proceed to the main pattern .From parchment to make the bags and fill out our jelly milk paint ,and start drawing .For the reeds I used soy sauce .Bon appetit.