Ice cream with fruits and berries flambe

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This dessert loves to cook to my guests. Usually on offer proceed to the dessert, the guests say, and so full, dessert is not needed. But when mom makes a dessert that he does not leave anyone indifferent. Of course! Cold ice-cream sauce of the hot berries and fruits. This is a dessert for adults, it certainly adds a little brandy. Very tasty! I recommend to try! The contest "Sweet taste of summer".

Ingredients for Ice cream with fruits and berries flambe

Step by step instruction of cooking Ice cream with fruits and berries flambe

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To prepare fruits and berries. I did not remove the cherry pits, so they are not lost form. Nectarine cut into slices, banana slices. Bilberries and blueberries go through.

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In a pan heat the sugar to start melting.

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Add a tablespoon of butter, melt and mix with sugar.

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Add the prepared fruit and berries, mix well.
In principle, the set of berries and fruits can be at your discretion, taste and season. In the winter my mom makes this dessert with frozen berries, frozen directly sends them to the pan. So add that, but what the imagination will suffice.

Шаг 5

Stew all together until the berries give juice and slices of nectarines will become softer.
In the end, add the cognac. If you do dessert right in front of our guests, we can effectively bring the match to ignite the brandy. In the photo this time to capture is almost impossible.

Шаг 6

In portioned plates to spread out the ice cream and pour the hot sauce fruits and berries.
Serve immediately before the ice cream time to melt. While I was taking pictures, my ice cream had melted!

Bon appetit!