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Snack "Mushroom song"


...here soon I will start the rainy season...light.. fall.. flowing... like a silk thread from heaven... giving a feeling of bliss and weightlessness.. penetrating the air fresh and clean... and after these rains like little children from beneath the earth begin to creep mushrooms...they cover their head adorable hats.. and put them under the gentle hands of rain and sun.. ...in the meantime, forest mushrooms to gather up another fails...lumped among the endless rows of shopping shampinonchiki.. fry hats in breadcrumbs out of crackers.. and dipped in sweet sauces ...let's enjoy the summer rain outside the window.. very quick to prepare and delicious appetizer..

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Ingredients for Snack "Mushroom song"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Snack "Mushroom song"

Step 1

from championshiop take out the legs (in the snack they are not useful)
put the hat between two cutting dostochek and razdelyaet, turning it into a plump pancake

Step 2

mash crackers into crumbs (you can use a ready-made bread crumbs, but the cracker taste is more interesting)

Step 3

eggs a little whisk, add a little ground pepper
now carefully dip mushroom caps in the egg and then in crushed crackers, repeat this twice (to make the crust of cracker was thicker)

Step 4

raskalennoi spread on the pan, fry in vegetable oil on one side

Step 5

turn over, cover with a lid and reduce the flame, give the mushrooms a good protushitsya

Step 6

served hot or cold...
you can prepare the sauces (I have my favorite sauces: red and white)..in this recipe I told you how prepare them:
pleasant to You of appetite!:)