Snack "Unusual sensations"

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If You love the experiments.. if You like all bright and unusual, then this snack is for You.. a Little infinitely-thin slices of bacon, carefully and gently ourcival large chernoivan and bright spicy sauce of Apple, mustard and Tabasco.. Juicy fattiness of the bacon and a subtle taste goes well unimaginable way with sweet pieces of plum, suggesting that it is incongruous, at first glance, incongruous. .. bright .. fast.. unusual.. delicious.. appetizer.. Your guests will be delighted...

Ingredients for Snack "Unusual sensations"

Step by step instruction of cooking Snack "Unusual sensations"

Шаг 1

each piece of bacon cut diagonally to make triangles, if you have a tough skin, then cut it with a knife
each slice of bread cut into 4 pieces (4 square)

Шаг 2

prepare sauce: Apple without skin and bones RUB on a small teracce, add the mustard and Tabasco, all mix well
each carolinense covered by the sauce, put on the wide part of the triangle of bacon

Шаг 3

wrap, skalyvaniem toothpick
protiven cover with baking paper, lay out bacon-wrapped prunes

Шаг 4

sent 220S in a preheated oven for 10 minutes

Шаг 5

slices of bread fry on both sides in a dry frying pan or in the toaster

Шаг 6

on each slice of bread put a leaf of Basil and a "bag" of bacon.
it turns out very bright and unusual appetizer

Шаг 7

pleasant to You of appetite! :)