Cottage cheese dumplings with berry sauce

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Very tasty, very tender dumplings. And how well it complements their sweet berry sauce, even sour cream is not needed.

Ingredients for Cottage cheese dumplings with berry sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking Cottage cheese dumplings with berry sauce

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Mix cottage cheese, egg, sour cream, sugar, vanilla sugar and semolina. Leave to stand for 15-30 minutes to semolina swelled

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Meanwhile, cook the sauce: mix berries with sugar, put on fire and keep to dissolve the sugar, starch mixed with water and a thin stream pour in the berries, bring to boil and turn the heat off.

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In a wide saucepan put water on the fire. In cottage cheese, add flour and stir well. Osipyan small pieces of dough and make small balls or rollers. The dough is a bit sticky, so have a little hands sprinkle with flour.
In boiling water throw our dumplings and cook, stirring occasionally (very gentle so can be easily damaged) to their ascent to the top.

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The finished dumplings remove with a slotted spoon from the water, pour melted butter and serve, watering berry sauce. All. Quick and delicious Breakfast is ready, and therefore provided a good mood for the whole day.