Beef in plum sauce "Tenderness"

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Tek, what can I say... a more tender meat we haven't eaten yet. Spicy flavor! Who will like it - morozte plums for winter!!! I can proudly say that the recipe was born in my fevered (Spanish sun) brain...

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Ingredients for Beef in plum sauce "Tenderness"

Step by step instruction of cooking Beef in plum sauce "Tenderness"

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Carry out some preparatory work:
- select seasoning to taste (I have a list of announced above);
- soak the clay in the form of cold water (I highly recommend glinyany the dishes, and if not there, as a substitute get away bag for baking). Look what my cool mold - klassnenko, right?
-plums and villupuram my bones, and you can do it in a civilized manner: cut a drain side and a cultural remove bone (this is for those who are looking for easier ways);
-peel the garlic and lightly press to let the juice.

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Yes, after the meat was roasted, it is put in the dishes before you pour the water!
In the skillet where meat was browned, put all the seasonings and lightly fry (now on low heat!), that smell went... as soon as the smell (I mean spices, not something else!), pour in the soy sauce, let it boil all the meat!
Put on top of the plums and the garlic together with the juice, what they put on our gentle treatment.

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Z-a-a-a-Kriven and put in a cold oven, turn 180° and safely forget commercials for 1.5 hour, that hour can make salads and prepare the garnish: I was a young boiled potatoes with butter and dill. If the side dish is no longer on TV always have a couple of series...