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Funny spider

Funny spider

For competition crawling, and my cheerful spider! The contest "Vegetable traffic light"

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Step-by-step instruction of cooking Funny spider

Step 1

Take one representative of the family Solanaceae, carefully cut it "lid" and scrub with a spoon the pulp. We postpone for some other dishes.

Step 2

Vparivaet jar of corn...

Step 3

... cheese grate.

Step 4

In the cheese press out the garlic and add a little mayonnaise.

Step 5

Mix 1st. L. corn cheese and garlic mass, and place it all in the tomatoes.

Step 6

Take the peppers, remove the stalk and seeds, and cut from each these are the details. Of the two peppers I came up with 8 pieces. These will be the legs of a spider. I helped myself to cut kitchen scissors:)

Step 7

Attached to the spider legs.

Step 8

Do the spider "hair" from corn, and draw with mayonnaise and ketchup positive face:)

Step 9