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Eggplant "Taman"


Well what can I say? This is my favorite recipe harvesting eggplant from mom's notebooks. Perhaps we can even say that this appetizer salad. You can eat immediately, but you can in the jar. Perhaps, too, to take part in the competition "Vegetable traffic light"

Cooking time 60 minutes Number of servings7

Ingredients for Eggplant "Taman"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Eggplant "Taman"

Step 1

Exit 7 bottles of 0.5 l, i.e. 3.5 litres. There were cases when the contents of the jar eaten at once in one person : D.
The calculation of products is based on the average sizes of the fruit, so if they differ, things are adjustable. We have a freak here are some aubergines.

Step 2

So, take a wide pan, preferably a blue to fit in one layer, and layers are starting to lay out the vegetables.
On the bottom put the eggplant. In the initial recipe were offered to them (as well as tomatoes and peppers) cut into 4 pieces, but we prefer smaller to my mouth, it was easier to put and if the jar is to share for several consumers, everyone got different types of vegetables.

Step 3

Then the pepper.

Step 4

Carrot rings.

Step 5

Onion rings (mine were too big, so cut in half rings)

Step 6

Finally, the tomatoes. Cut krupenko.
The other day I was forced to save from loss tomatoes, so a few pieces replaced saved (and a little cooked ground).
Replace whole tomatoes tomato totally NOT recommended!