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Pork Chinese style with soy sprouts

Pork Chinese style with soy sprouts

Pickled pork with vegetables cooked in "Wok" - very tasty. For lovers of Chinese cuisine. Can be served with a side dish or as a hot entrée, as a separate dish.

Cooking time 15 minutes Number of servings3

Ingredients for Pork Chinese style with soy sprouts

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Pork Chinese style with soy sprouts

Step 1

Pork cut into small oblong strips.

Step 2

Marinate with the addition of chopped garlic, ginger, tomato puree, soy sauce and sesame oil (at night).

Step 3

For 20 minutes before cooking, soak the mushrooms in hot water;
just before beginning, drain the water and rinse the mushrooms with cold water.

Step 4

Wash, peel and chop the vegetables:
pepper - half-rings;
leeks - rings.

Step 5

In a well-heated "SAI" with vegetable oil put the pork and fry, stirring constantly;
after 5-7 minutes the mushrooms;

Step 6

5 minutes later the pepper, leek and soya sprouts;

Step 7

Add the sherry, rice vinegar, soy sauce and sugar or sauce for "wok" and if desired, rice flour, diluted in a little cold water.

Step 8

Simmer until tender (depending on the desired stage of readiness of vegetables), stirring constantly.

Step 9

Remove from heat and serve with rice.

Bon appetit!