Jam Apple

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This is a very tasty jam. Helps with the Apple harvest. It can be harvested in the winter there, spreading on bread, use as a filling for cakes, pies, bagels, etc. use this Recipe for a long time. Found it in the book Loiko R. E. 1992. "Preserve themselves"

Ingredients for Jam Apple

Step by step instruction of cooking Jam Apple

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The apples for this jam must take neperestavaya, but better a little immature-they better heliroute.

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Sugar and water boil syrup. But, in the meantime, prepare the apples. Wash, peel and grate them on a coarse vegetable grater. If the skin of the apples is coarse, then cleaned, and if not, then three.

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The syrup, meanwhile, is boiling. Drop it in the grated apples. It turns out that such case-kneading. Put on medium heat and cook for about an hour, stirring from time to time. In the original recipe said to cook for about 30 minutes at one time (or 5 minutes one day and about 15 min the next day). Maybe someone wants to try that. I always get the hour. Maybe it depends on the juiciness and ripeness of the apples.