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Roll of pita

Roll of pita

Delicious hot for the holiday table or just to please the family! Looks very impressive!

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Ingredients for Roll of pita

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Roll of pita

Step 1

Unfortunately, I began to photograph immediately.
So... onions finely cut and fry until soft. Add grated carrots and fry for another three minutes. Then spread the stuffing, salt, pepper and fry until tender, stirring occasionally (about 25-30 minutes).

Mayonnaise mixed skip through the press garlic.

The sheet of lavash to razvorachivat and brush with garlic mayonnaise. Cover prepared stuffing, not reaching the edges of 2-3 cm, and sprinkle with parsley.

Step 2

The second sheet of lavash lubricated with TWO sides of garlic mayonnaise and put the stuffing.

Step 3

Across the surface of the pita bread spread salad leaves (washed and dried).

Step 4

On the salad put the mugs of tomatoes

Step 5

Tomatoes lightly grease with garlic mayonnaise

Step 6

Tomatoes cover with the third sheet of lavash on two sides greased with mayonnaise. Sprinkle top of it with grated cheese

Step 7

Carefully turn the roll. I do on a towel and using it to fold, then roll will not break. Ready to roll put in the fridge for one hour.

Step 8

The finished loaf will be only warm, because inside already, all ready)))
I serve on lettuce leaves and sliced tomatoes around. There is no photo, very quickly ate the roll...