Dessert "Pink dreams"

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a wonderful dessert...with a slight sweetness and caramel.. soft.. with nice viscosity.. with bright notes of prunes... simple to prepare and very tasty.. a children's fairy tale pink...a if by magic dreams turn into gentle delicacy... for small and big sweet tooth..

Ingredients for Dessert "Pink dreams"

Step by step instruction of cooking Dessert "Pink dreams"

Шаг 1

all we need for dessert (+ sugar)

Шаг 2

at the bottom of the molds spread the coarsely chopped prunes

Шаг 3

eggs, vanilla and starch lightly whisk (until smooth)

Шаг 4

add yogurt and sugar

Шаг 5

now coconut

Шаг 6

form (I have silicone) fills the resulting jogurtas weight
put the form in a water-filled pan globoi
cook in a preheated 200C oven for 20 minutes

Шаг 7

take out, allow to cool, shape, roll on a large platter

Шаг 8

sprinkle any berries..
pleasant to You of appetite! :)
PS if You like a more delicate taste, instead of the starch it is necessary to take the flour
P. S. 1 you can replace prunes with dried apricots, raisins, all berries/fruits or just make a yoghurt dessert
P. S. 2 this dessert can be baked in shaped cake and make a layer of soufflé that will enrich the taste of any cake.