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Pie "Cherry hill"


The head is ripe, the name "Cherry hill", but because the male part of our family while away, I did exactly half a serving. So I get not "hill", "hill":-)

Cooking time- Number of servings-

Ingredients for Pie "Cherry hill"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Pie "Cherry hill"

Step 1

Once this action was accomplished (cherry gave juice), melt the margarine, add sugar, baking powder, vanilla, juice from the cherries (I got 50ml), and two eggs. Whisk.

Step 2

Begin to pour the flour and kneaded into a thick paste-like dough.At the bottom of a split form put baking paper. Boca grease. The dough is put into shape and evenly distributed.

Step 3

Cherry rested in the sugar, pour on the dough and mix carefully with it.

Step 4

At 200 C bake our "hill" to "dry sticks":-)

Step 5

Step 6

If desired, you can pour the cake with chocolate icing.

Step 7

The cake turns out crumbly, not too sweet, with a little sourness from the cherries. And if you frost something verrry delicious!:-)
Pour gulls and at the table!:-)