Snack cake zucchini "the tears of the boy"

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A little sad history of making this cake... But still it happened. The recipe gave me a colleague at work, so I liked that home and I just flew, quickly wanted to start cooking. Made the dough, cooked the filling, began to bake pancakes, and they don't turn over = ( ( ( crumble and all and stick what I just did, nothing comes out. Was upset terribly, because she wanted to please her husband, told him that he will be the cake of zucchini. The boy sat down and cried. But then decided not to disappear for good, beginning garil pancakes, not pancakes. Fry, and then I thought, why not gather a cake of pancakes. Gathered, filling smeared, allowed to brew and it turned out well, just delicious!!! Can such a recipe where it is, but I posted it so others wouldn't be upset if they happened, I have. It turns out, you can always find a way =))) Bon appetit Powerade!!!

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