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Vegetable appetizer "Crossroads"

Vegetable appetizer

Yesterday my husband and I had a wedding anniversary and I have prepared vegetable appetizers, one of them present at Your trial, and for competition "Vegetable traffic light".

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Ingredients for Vegetable appetizer "Crossroads"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Vegetable appetizer "Crossroads"

Step 1

Cut two zucchini lengthwise and one across. Fry them in vegetable oil.

Step 2

One zucchini RUB on a grater, fry in vegetable oil, adding dried onion and garlic to taste. Salt, pepper.

Step 3

Finely chop peppers.

Step 4

Shred cheese,

Step 5

add it to sauteed zucchini, sweet peppers and mayonnaise

Step 6

and stir.

Step 7

Fried long slices of zucchini spread received stuffing

Step 8

and cover with slices of zucchini. Also do the same with round pieces of zucchini.

Step 9

Sweet pepper cut arrows and circles,

Step 10

put them on the zucchini.

Step 11

Thus, we obtain the intersection with the signs and traffic lights.

Step 12

Nice and very tasty snack!
Bon appetit!